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What is Clicker Training?

  • Positive Reinforcement
  • A way to achieve very specific goals
  • Horses and ponies love it!
  • Can be used on the ground or under saddle
  • Helps you develop a relationship that can be built on with amazing results
  • Allows a clear way for your horse to tell you what he does and doesn’t understand

What can Clicker Training be used for?

  • Manners- respect and safety
  • Handling- leading, grooming, loading on trailers
  • Riding- mounting, control, going new places, balance
  • Practical “tricks”- coming when called, retrieving objects, self haltering
  • Much more- if you want to teach it, clicker training gives you a plan

What kind of horses does it work with?

  • young stock- weanlings on up
  • riding horses- use it to fix problems you may be stuck on
  • older horses- they can learn new tricks!
Training horses has several components.  We must both explain to the horse what we want and find a way to motivate the horse to do what we want.  I would love to introduce you to clicker training and show you how it can help in all areas of working with your horse.  Some people come to clicker training when they first get involved with horses. Many come because they are not happy with with a more traditional approach which is no longer working for them.  Rather than asking a horse to submit to your commands with fear and dominance, clicker training opens up a whole new world of communication, true trust and an unbelievable desire to learn and interact with you.
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