First Sundays- Join us on the first Sunday of each month, beginning in February, to learn more about the most up-to-date, humane and successful training method available. In the winter, we meet indoors for discussion, training games and training conversation. We focus on introducing (if you’re new) or solidifying (if you have some experience) your knowledge and skills.

In the warmer months, we take our training experiences outdoors more, with mini clinics, day long clinics and in July, the “Big Event”: the Training Intensive Practical: July 19-21. Guest coaches will join me on this weekend of intensive hands-on practice for a dozen lucky attendees.

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Programs for children and adults!

Working Student Program- for a comprehensive experience, spending an extended period of time here allows you to participate in the full range of living with clicker trained horses. Options from a day, a weekend, a week or longer are available. You will assist with chores, training and farm duties. Specifics will depend on the time of year and your abilities. Contact me to discuss your situation. (802) -279-2505 or [email protected]

Learning About Ponies and Horses- fun for kids! If you have one of those horse crazy kids, this Saturday class is for them.  They will have an opportunity to interact with the ponies while learning about their care and behavior.  These are not riding lessons, though there may be an opportunity for a bareback ride if the weather is right.  On very cold days, we can be indoors watching and learning via books and videos.

also see below for winter class targeted at homeschoolers with some horse experience.


Coming in the Fall-

Horses for Homeschoolers– a former homeschooling mom, I have designed these courses to help fulfill educational standards in a fun way with horses!

Introductory course: offered in the Spring and Fall, this month long program (meeting once a week for two hours) teaches home schooled children of all ages about horses- behavior, care, basic handling, feeding, etc.  With a focus on safety and compassion for horses, we cover both knowledge and hands-on learning.  For more information, please contact me at [email protected] .

More in depth course offered bi-weekly through the winter for students who have completed the Introductory Horses for Homeschoolers course and have taken some lessons or demonstrate a similar background and understanding.  A multidisciplinary class, it will cover the responsibilities needed for horse ownership by using a long term project including feeds, first aid, assistance with chores and training, etc.  and will utilize skills in math, science and language arts.

Leg Up Program- This course is a series of lessons which rotate through the skills and behaviors needed to give a horse and rider/handler a leg up on Clicker Training basics.  Rolling registration and a cycle of modules means you can sign up and start any time.  For one course fee, you will be given multiple opportunities (twice a week) to attend each module, each of which will cover several of the basics so that by the time you have completed the course, you will have had lots of opportunities to practice in different scenarios.  You choose the days and times that work best for you or attend them all!  (my horses are available for use in this course or we can discuss if it is appropriate for you to bring one).  Video upgrade also available.  For more information, please contact me at [email protected] .

Introduction to TAGteach- this course is for parents, teachers, coaches or anyone looking for a new and fabulous way to train others.  Introduces the basic explanation and allows participants to design a teaching plan and then work through it with opportunity for troubleshooting, feedback and reworking.

TAGteach is a revolutionary science-based technology that enables educators and coaches to teach efficiently and helps students learn effectively…The focused, positive nature of this method yields immediate and stunning results that are clearly evident to teachers, students and parents.”

Please see the Pricing and Policies page for those details on all programs.

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