April 6, 2019 10: AM to noon

Location- Bookends Farm, Sheffield VT

Vermont Horse Council Meeting and Positive Reinforcement Talk. I will sort out the facts from the fiction. Just what are positive reinforcement, R+ and clicker training? Are they all the same? Does it really work? Does it mean you have to spend the rest of your lives being mugged for treats? Or that our animals won’t do anything without a food reward? I will walk you through what Positive Reinforcement Training is and is not and help understand how to use it to improve teaching and training.

Vermont Horse Council members are invited to attend as part of their membership. Non-members are welcome at a cost of $25.00/person.   The funds collected will be directed to the VHC scholarship funds.

May 26, 2019

Location- Green Mountain Horse Association, So, Woodstock, VT

What is Positive Reinforcement and Why Should I Care?

What is positive reinforcement and how can you use it to improve your teaching and training? In this workshop Jane Jackson of Bookends Farm will dispense with the myths and focus on what behavioral science tells us about the best way to train to get the performance you want. Jane will explain how to include positive reinforcement in your plans including how to use a marker to pinpoint correct responses from your learners, whether human or equine (or canine or more).

This applies to any learning situation including performance under saddle, behavior on the trail, and cooperation in the barn for handlers, vets, farriers, dentists and more. Regardless of your niche in the horse world, being able to utilize positive reinforcement is something you should be taking advantage of!

1/2 Day lecture and discussion.

for more information, see the GMHA website.

July 19-21, 2019


Start Buttons, Choice, Consent

With Katie Bartlett, Jane Jackson, and Cindy Martin

July 19-21 at Bookends Farm in Sheffield, VT


Start buttons, choice, consent in training- these are just some of the buzz phrases floating around the R+ training world these days. What do they mean, how do you do it, is it important, what are some of the pitfalls? These are the discussions we’ll have this year. As always, the Practical aspect of the weekend will include hands on training.

For more details see the Training Intensive Practical page.

Clinic is limited to 12 participants, first come, first served. We will maintain a waiting list for anyone who doesn’t make it in. To fill out an entry form, click the button!


Call 802-626-0479 or email bookendsfarm@gmail.com